Original, abstract images.  Made on the jersey shore.

My name is Chris Frey and I live on the Jersey Shore.  My main job is being a dad.  I make my living in the warehousing and transportation industry and have always loved taking pictures, ever since I was high school.  I am a self taught photographer and have always been creative, but I have never really considered myself a photographer, let alone much of an artist. 

I like to make pictures and some of my favorite images are abstract photos of the shoreline.  I love the way the waves, shoreline and horizon all form a blur of color.  I love cats, bourbon and craft beer and lately have a habit of drawing quotes on index cards with cats.  Some of them can be found on my twitter.

I hope you like some of my photos and I would love to hear from you about what you think.



"I don't make art to make money, I make money so I can make art.  The rest takes care of itself." - Chase Jarvis