50 Things about me

  1. I started taking pictures in High School when I took a photography class. We had an assignment to take a photograph that depicted transportation and my photo was a close up image of one of my worn out sneakers. A pair of Air Jordan's actually. I didn't wind up wowing the teacher with my image, but that definitely was the point that started me taking pictures. I have always had a camera handy, but only in the past few years have I really used it as a creative outlet for myself.

  2. I have spent the past 30 years in the warehousing and distribution field.

  3. I am presently the GM of a warehouse facility in Morrisville, PA.

  4. My dream job however has always been to be a short order cook.

  5. This helped make me a better person.

  6. The thing that I am most proud of in life is being a dad.

  7. I am an INFJ.

  8. My favorite book is "A Confederacy of Dunces" By John Kennedy O'toole.

  9. I used to practice yoga and even took classes with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

  10. I am a cat person, but have a dog named Blu. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

  11. I used to run ultramarathons when I was younger. Now I like to go on long walks.

  12. I love to mow the lawn. It brings me great joy for some reason.

  13. The best burrito in the world is the California Burrito at the taco stand in Encinitas

  14. Taco Tuesday is really a thing.

  15. I like to write poetry, mostly haiku and mostly not good.

  16. I like taking road trips and will find any excuse to take a long car ride.

  17. I prefer to drive.

  18. Talulas Pizza, Asbury Park.

  19. I need reading glasses these days and these glasses from Caddis are cool.

  20. New Orleans is my favorite place to visit.

  21. This is followed closely by Encinitas.

  22. I love all kinds of music. A top 5 list would be, Dinosaur Jr., The Afghan Whigs, Grateful Dead, Jason Isbell, Wilco, Charlie Parker, Drive By Truckers, Snooks Eaglin, Eric Lindell, Little Freddie King "where ya at Freddie?".

  23. My perfect dinner would be, shrimp and grits and a good caesar salad.

  24. I finished the VT 100 mile endurance run twice, under 24 hours and I have the belt buckles.

  25. I draw quotes on index cards with cats for my kids.  Almost every day.  The quotes are mainly for me.

  26. I hope to retire one day and travel around in an airstream camper.

  27. I suffer from social anxiety and at the same time want to be more of a hugger.

  28. I don't really have a "life Plan"

  29. My favorite beer is Industrial Arts Wrench IPA.

  30. As I get older, I feel drawn to simplifying things as much as possible.

  31. I would like to live in a tiny house.

  32. Swig and Swine, Charleston.

  33. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

  34. I currently live in Point Pleasant, NJ

  35. I love a good NEIPA.

  36. My son and I have always watched LSU football on Saturday nights. I have yet to get to a home game. On my bucket list. Geaux Tigers.

  37. I took a trip to California with my daughter for her birthday. It was fun.

  38. I am working my way up to 50 things, but I didn’t think that this would as difficult as it has been.